Advocacy Resources

Visit the EN411 Advocacy Engagement Action Center where you can communicate with elected officials and access the Advocacy Toolkit to become a more effective advocate.

Become an Advocate
Join the EN411 Legislative Network, if you are interested in advocating on legislation that impacts emergency nurses.

Public Policy Statements
ENA statements/letters aimed at public policy decision-makers and issued on a variety of subjects.

How a Bill Becomes a Law
description from the MN Legislative Page

How a Bill Becomes a Law
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Monitoring Bills in MN
You can monitor bills being worked on — in Committee, House, Senate or awaiting the Governor’s signature.

Minnesota State Law and Policy

Just as emergency nurses are advocates for safety and patient care, ENA is an equally determined advocate on the legislative issues affecting emergency nurses. ENAs government relations team tracks federal and state legislation affecting emergency nurses across the country, develops and carries out grassroots lobbying efforts through the EN411 legislative action network, meets with federal legislators and agency officials, and educates emergency nurses and their state councils regarding effective advocacy strategy and practice.

ENA’s government relations programs are designed to:

  • Advocate quality patient care, injury prevention, and wellness preparedness
  • Represent the interests and concerns of emergency care nursing professionals.
  • Facilitate broad member participation.
  • Provide a strong unified voice for emergency nursing through legislative and regulatory representation.

Advocacy is more than just understanding the issues. To make a difference, you have to make your voice heard. The involvement of individual emergency nurses is vital to the success of our grassroots efforts. We encourage all ENA members to use the information provided here and on the ENA Legislative Action Center site to take an active role in addressing the issues facing emergency nursing. For further information on ENA’s government relations activities and positions, contact



An Opportunity to Obtain CNE for Learning About the Legislative Process!

Members of MN ENA have an opportunity to receive a CNE by learning about the legislative process and making contact with their legislator(s).  How?  Simply by going to the Education page on this website (or CLICK HERE) and following the directions.