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State Chapter Leader Orientation 2019


There are multiple educational offerings through ENA related to children, community safety, health and wellness, violence and alcohol and drug screening (SBIRT).  Practice issues and guidelines related to advance practice, geriatrics, pediatrics, behavioral health, preparedness, wellness and the future of nursing can also be accessed at  and following the links.


Spring Cleaning Time! Out with Old Perspectives & in with New!

Free, on-line education! 1 hour ANCC CNE awarded.  Joan Somes discusses stress, perspective, and resiliency.  Upon completion, participants will be able to state at least two approaches to improving resiliency as they “clean house” and developing new perspectives about life situations. Participants will also be able to identify situations that can be looked at with a new frame of mind and list methods of self care.  To receive your ANCC certificate for 1 hour of continuing education CLICK HERE and follow the instructions.  The 1-hour YouTube session can be accessed by clicking on the icon below.





An Opportunity to Obtain CNE for Learning About the Legislative Process!

You have an opportunity  to obtain CNE, learn about the legislative process, and be an advocate!  Click on the links below and find information regarding the legislative process, read about or watch the video on how a bill becomes law, find your legislator(s), send a letter or email discussing a bill of interest to you or to simply thank them for the support provided during the pandemic.  Following the Criteria for Obtaining CNE (see link below) submit the information required and a certification of completion will be sent to you.

CLICK HERE for the Criteria to Obtaining CNE
CLICK HERE for Information Regarding the Legislative Process
CLICK HERE for a description on How a Bill Becomes Law
CLICK HERE to view the YouTube video How a Bill Becomes Law
CLICK HERE to link to the site where you can Monitor Bills as they move from Committee, House, Senate and to the Governor’s Desk
CLICK HERE to Find Your Legislators and Senators


ENA on-line CEN review course now available with group discount!

National ENA has made the brand new on-line CEN review course available and if purchased in groups of 10 has a deep discount! MN ENA State Council has purchased a group of licenses and is offering them to nurses in our area at that discounted price.  Your cost for the on line CEN, if purchased through the State Council, is only $100 for ENA members and $125 for non-ENA members! (Compare this to the individual $160 member and $200 non-member cost!)

To take advantage of this discount offer and to be registered for the course which consists of: 15 Contact hours, 12 interactive modules with video, 200+ pages of downloadable handouts, practice questions, based on the newest BCEN exam blueprint, and much more………

Make out a check to: MN ENA State Council
Cost:    $100 if ENA member
$125 if not an ENA member

CLEARLY PRINT the email address you want the program sent to on the check, or on an additional
piece of paper.  The program is accessed through the email address you provide.

Mail to:   Joan Somes
5718 Upper 136 St. Crt.
Apple Valley, MN 55124

Joan will register you with the ENA on-line learning and notify you when this has occurred. ENA will send you the link to the program and will also provide the contact hours once you have completed the program and the course evaluations.   Questions:

CLICK HERE to review the on-line CEN Fact Sheet.


Behavioral Health Resource Tool Kit  (with available CEUs)

Minnesota ENA recognizes the boarding of behavioral care patients in the ED does not lead to optimal care and advocates for timely disposition to the appropriate destination — be it an in-patient bed, community bed, or home with crisis referral/follow-up. However, when a patient is required to remain in the ED to await disposition, it is reasonable to provide safe and appropriate care; providing for basic needs, routine medications, and activities.

This resource kit will start out by providing information that may help the nurse anticipate and understand behaviors exhibited by the behavioral patient. The goal is to add information related to patient care.  Additionally, information will be parsed in a way that continuing education credit can be obtained by answering/submitting the quiz questions and completing the evaluations that accompany each unit.

Future resources will include activities that can be employed to decrease boredom, as well as how to recognize signs of escalation and ways to de-escalate situations.  Information on the Governor’s Behavioral Task Force will also be added to this site — so keep checking back to see what new resources and references have been added.

UNIT 1 — Psychological Crash Cart


ELVO vs. Subtle Stroke Assessment & Care

An online lecture on stroke assessment and care   Cost is free.  The activity was designed to meet the criteria set forth by the MN Board of Nursing and  MN Stroke System•

Due to nature of education platform, the program has been split into 4 segments and the quiz. Access each segment via the following links. We apologize for the need to keep returning to the web site.

Stroke education part 1      The ELVO stroke
Stroke education part 2a    Subtle stroke – MCA
Stroke education part 2b   Subtle stroke – rest of cerebral arteries
Stroke education part 3      Treatment of stroke
Stroke education quiz          Evaluation of learning

You must complete the quiz and submit the information to An evaluation and correct answers will be returned to you. After you complete and return the evaluation, you will be sent the CNE certificate of completion.



2020 Statewide Toward Zero Deaths (TZD) Conference 10/20-21 in Duluth
Local TZD Workshops are scheduled to be held throughout the year

Be sure to save the date for the 2020 Statewide Toward Zero Deaths (TZD) Conference to be held October 20-21, 2020 in Duluth, MN as well as the Workshops in your area.

CLICK HERE for more information about the Statewide TZD Conference and the Local Workshops in your area.


Strokes Can Affect People of All Ages and Backgrounds.


In fact, every 40 seconds a person in the U.S. suffers a stroke.

Stroke is Minnesota’s fifth-leading cause of death, accounting for more than 5% of all deaths. In 2014, about 2.2% of Minnesota adults reported ever having had a stroke in their lifetime – that’s more than 90,000 people.

That’s why the Department of Health continues working with partners across the state to improve stroke care in our communities in order to reduce the impact of stroke on all Minnesotans.

The stroke conference brings together over 250 staff and other partners to share best practice strategies and tools for improving stroke care in Minnesota. It also is an opportunity to network with other health care professionals, public health professionals and stroke advocates.

It is unknown if there will be a Minnesota Department of Health’s Minnesota Stroke and Cardiac Conference in 2020.   The confirmed date, time and location will be announced and posted on the MDH website.

For more MN Stroke Program information, CLICK HERE .


Governor’s Task Force on Mental Health

This spring Governor Dayton called together a task force to meet throughout the summer and fall with the task of reviewing  Mental Health care in Minnesota and making recommendations based on findings. Minnesota ENA was one of the many stakeholders that sent representatives to these meetings. We also provided public comment several times and offered to provide additional information related to issues seen with behavioral patients in the emergency department, as needed. Much information was shared during these meetings. Documents related to the meetings, work, and recommendations are posted on the Dept. of Health Web site. See link below. 

The Governor’s Task Force on Mental Health delivered its final report to Governor Dayton on November 15, 2016.  The report includes nine recommendations for transforming Minnesota’s mental health system to a comprehensive continuum of care.  It can be download at:  The task force’s work is now completed.  Their recommendations will be considered by the governor and Legislature and those that are chosen for further review or implementation will go through the existing policy-making, funding, and implementation structures and processes.  If you have comments on the report, please direct them to the governor’s office or to your legislator.      

Minnesota Stroke Program Update & Newsletter

The Minnesota Department of Health has announced that the 2017 Minnesota Stroke and Cardiac Conference will be held June 15 & 16,2017.  The conference location will be in the St. Paul/Minneapolis metropolitan area.  While the conference schedule has not been finalized, topics will include such areas as stroke, STEMI, sudden cardiac arrest and other cardiovascular conditions.

More information is available on the MDH website.

And for more MN Stroke Program information, CLICK HERE to view the current issue of the MDH Minnesota Stroke Program Newsletter.

Space Available! Cardiovascular Emergencies in Rural Minnesota Workshops

Space is available for the MDH Stroke/STEMI “Cardiovascular Emergencies in Rural Minnesota” workshop. The workshop focuses on best practices for stroke and heart attack patients in the emergency room.  The MDH is offering 5.75 contact hours for nursing with this workshop.

The workshop is FREE, but registration is required.  Register at Cardiovascular Emergencies in Rural Minnesota.

Workshop locations are:
— September 7, 2017:  Marshall at the Southwest Minnesota State University
— September 19, 2017:  Owatonna at the Holiday Inn & Suites Owatonna
— October 4, 2017:  Detroit Lakes at the Holiday Inn on the Lake
— October 24, 2017:  Duluth at the Holiday Inn & Suites Downtown

MN ENA Day on the Hill Workshop & Tour 4/18/17:  CEUs Available

MN ENA State Council has been able to reserve a room for a Governmental Affairs Workshop at the Minnesota Capitol on April 18, 2017 from 9:00 to noon.  We will start with a 45 minute tour of the newly refurbished Capitol Building, meet in the 3rd floor Cass Gilbert Library, hold an educational session with CEUs related to how ENA members can affect laws that are being made and hopefully meet with some of our legislators. Cost is free other than transportation to the building (we are suggesting light rail that has a stop across the street from the capitol steps). We may also visit the Rathskeller Cafeteria for lunch

We are taking names of those interested to help create materials to use during our visit, and help you identify your legislators so we can reach out an invite them to our meeting, or so you can contact them to visit them in their office. Send a note indicating your interest to  Further information will be provided as we work out further details.