Injury Prevention

Minnesota has partnered with the Minnesota Toward Zero Death Group(TZD) with a focus on zero deaths on our highways.  Each year TZD holds  a conference related to highway safety put on by the 4 E’s ( Enforcement, Engineering, EMS, and Education).  ED Nurses are a critical link in decreasing motor vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian deaths. See the links to TZD and the information they share.

Minnesota ENA has also partnered with the Minnesota Dept of Health to develop, promote, and assist in disseminating education related to stroke care.

ENA recognizes violence is a significant risk in our work and lives. A toolkit on Work Place Violence is found on the ENA’s web site.

2019 Toward Zero Deaths Regional Workshops

The Toward Zero Death Workshops include education related to injury prevention and care of the patient. The 4 “E’s” (Enforcement, EMS, Engineering, and Education) are for everyone to attend and learn how to decrease the number of traffic related deaths in Minnesota to Zero. Emergency Nurses and ED staff are considered part of the EMS arm of TZD and frequently present on car seats, case studies, and the assessment and care of motor vehicle crashes. Cost is minimal and there are many opportunities to network with those who have the same objectives as emergency nurses do – safe patients safe care.  Below is a list of the Regional Workshops and Stakeholders breakfasts in 2019. The statewide TZD conference will be Oct 23 & 24 in St. Cloud, MN. Watch for news of scholarships to the conference. Minnesota ENA has a liaison to the TZD organization in Minnesota, will be monitoring for legislation related to seat belt laws and will ask for activation of a calling tree if there is a need to emergency nurses to advocate for Minnesota legislation related to traffic safety.

Regional TZD workshops in 2019:

April 4  —  East Central MN, Little Falls
April 11  — West Central MN, Ottertail
April 18  —  South Central MN,  Mankato
April 23  —  Southwest MN, Granite Falls
May 1  —  Southeast MN, Rochester
May 21  —  Metro MN, Oakdale
May 22  —  Northeast MN, Grand Rapids
May 29  —  Northwest MN, Thief River Falls

October 23-24  — Statewide TZD Conference,  St. Cloud

For more information on any of the workshops listed above, click on the link to the TZD website on the left-hand side of this page and go to Events.


Do you have an injury prevention patient education sheet, or hand out that you would be willing to share with other emergency nurses? We would love to add to this site. If so, please send to Joan Somes at