Call for Officers!

We are looking for Officer Candidates  (must be a Greater Twin Cities  member) 

Our elections will be held this fall all positions will commence January 2020.

Secretary (1)

Board of Director (Chapter) (1)

State Council Board of Director

         3-year term (1)

         1-year term  (1)

Please email Dede Koenekamp

GTC Chapter President if you would like to run for a position. 

I have included the role description for reference!


The Secretary is responsible for maintaining Board and Chapter records and providing copies to the membership on request. 

Duties include:

  1. After election, prepare and distribute with addresses, phone numbers and E-mail addresses, a roster of chapter Officers, Directors, Committee Chairpersons and State Council Board members.  The President will then update the National ENA website. 
  • Keep minutes of the Chapter business meetings.  Maintain pertinent documents for the archives.  One copy to be on paper.
  • At the end of the term, give original corrected minutes to the President for the archives.
  • Prior to each Chapter/Board meeting E-mail copies of the previous Chapter/Board meeting to the Board.  Make available minutes of previous meeting to members at large during the following meeting.
  • Maintains a roster of educational offerings and attendee’s
  • Assumes role of Chapter President if President, President-elect/Past-President is unable to fulfill duties.
  • GTC Board of DIRECTORS

Board of Directors are responsible for contributing to the formulation of policies and practices of the Board and Chapter.  Directors are elected for three year terms with a new Director elected each year.

Duties include:

  1. Direct special projects and activities as delegated by the President.
  • Attend meetings pertinent to the association as delegated by the President.
  • One of the Directors shall serve his/her three-year term as a State Council Representative.
  • Actively be involved in all chapter activities.
  1. STATE COUNCIL Board of Directors

GTC State Council Board of Directors are responsible for participating in State Council activities and serving as liaison between Chapter and State. Directors are elected for three-year term with a new Director elected each year.

Duties include:

  1. Attend at least 80% of the Chapter meetings.
  • Attend at least 75% of the MN ENA State Council meetings.
  • Solicits chapter input in order to be informed about issues to be discussed at the State Council meeting.
  • Votes should reflect Chapter interests.
  • May be called upon to provide information back to the Chapter in regards to MN State ENA council activities, meetings and happenings.

*The GTC president will serve as the 4thState Council BOD with a term coinciding with the presidency.