Your Greater Twin Cities chapter is updating our guidelines. You have the chance to respond with concerns or questions. A final vote after discussion of concerns/comments will take place at our June meeting.

Greater Twin Cities Chapter 

Emergency Nurses Association 

Policy and Procedures 

The Greater Twin Cities Chapter (GTC) Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) will follow National and State Emergency Nurses Association Bylaws and Procedures with the following additions or exceptions: 

Conflict of Interest 

GTC ENA will follow the Minnesota ENA Conflict of Interest Policy. Signed Conflict of Interest forms will be collected from the GTC Board members as outlined in that policy.  

Reimbursement when traveling for GTC ENA related activities

GTC ENA will follow the Minnesota ENA Financial Disbursement Policy with the following additions.

See policy and procedure entitled: Reimbursement when traveling for GTC ENA related activities.

 Financial Management and Credit Card Use Policy 

GTC  ENA will follow the Minnesota Financial Management and Credit Card Use Policy with the following additions:

  1. One of the first acts of the GTC ENA Treasurer upon taking office should be to complete the necessary forms to ensure appropriate officers are signers on the GTC ENA account 
  2. GTC ENA should make provision in its annual budget for the following:
    1. General administrative expenses 
    1. Funds for the GTC ENA President, President-elect, Secretary, Treasurer and other appropriate members (as budget allows) to attend the annual ENA State and Chapter Leader Orientation (SCLO).    
    1. Per diem for the delegates to attend General Assembly 
    1. Education Tuition Waivers
    1. Educational programs including Cornerstones in Emergency Nursing conference
    1. Fundraising 
    1. Awards
    1. ENA Foundation State Challenge
    1. Other items as identified by the GTC Board 

       3. The GTC ENA Treasurer will provide a financial report at each scheduled GTC ENA meeting.

       4. On a regular basis, a review of financial records will be performed by a minimum of two (2)

            GTC ENA members.  (This will involve a scrutiny of check register looking at income and 

            expenditures compared to the budget.) A copy of findings be given to the GTC ENA President

            and President-elect/ Past President and results shared with members to document as part of the 

            treasure report that the review has been completed.  

 Greater Twin Cities Chapter ENA Election Procedure 

  1. GTC Elections will be held on an annual basis with results communicated to the Minnesota State Council President who needs to send the results to National ENA by Oct 30 each year. 
  2. Elections will be held in the following manner:

      a. Call for the position will be sent to all GTC members  

      b. Ballots will be sent to all GTC members 

      c. Results will be sent to all GTC members   

        3.   Positions start January 1 of the year after being elected 

GTC Officers and Directors

        GTC Executive Officers: President, President-elect or Past President, Secretary and Treasurer. 

       Terms of office

                        President-2 years  

                        Immediate past president-1 year   

                        President elect-1 year   

                        Secretary-2 years   

                        Treasurer-3 years    

          Any officers may run and serve more than 1 term if elected.

Minnesota State Council Board of Directors 

        GTC is allowed up to 4 Minnesota State Council (MSC) Directors/Representatives. The GTC President 

        serves as one of the MSC Directors during their term as president. Three (3) other State Council 

        Directors/Representatives will be elected by GTC members and each will serve 3 year terms. These     

        terms should begin on successive years so the terms overlap.  A member may serve more than 1 


Greater Twin Cities Chapter Board of Directors. 

        GTC ENA is allowed to have up to three (3) Chapter Board of Directors. Terms should start on 

        successive years, so terms overlap and a member may serve more than 1 term. 

Resignation/ loss of Officer or Board of Director

       Should a director resigns or is unable to complete a term either a special election will be held for a 

       member to complete that term, or the GTC Chapter President may appoint a member to complete 

       the rest of the term, to ensure terms continue to overlap. 

 Voting Quorum:consists of the number of filled positions at the beginning of the year, with the optimal number being Executive Officers (4), Minnesota State Council Directors/representative (3), and GTC   

         Board of Directors  (3)

Deanna Earl Award

   Awarded yearly in the fall to honor a member who has demonstrated excellence in emergency nursing. 

In 1970, Deanna Earl, then manager of the Emergency Department at North Memorial Hospital, recognizing the need for and value of education and networking with nursing colleagues in emergency care, formed an organization known as the Twin Cities ER-OPD group.  Four years later, with Deanna’s leadership, the ER-OPD group became a local chapter of the national organization, Emergency Department Nursing Association.  Deanna served as the first President of the Minnesota Chapter and on a national level as a member of the Board of Directors.  She was committed to Emergency Nursing and believe in its significance as a nursing specialty.  This award was established in recognition of Deanna Earl’s contribution to emergency nursing and to the Twin Cities Chapter of Emergency Nurses Association.

  1. The Deanna Earl Recognition Award shall be presented to a Greater Twin Cities Chapter member.
  2. Application will be by nomination from a Greater Twin Cities Chapter member.
  3. Selection of recipient will be made by the Board of Directors.
  4. The Award, a tuition waiver, will be awarded to the National ENA Conference.  (this would be based on availability of funds) for the cost of the early bird registration amount only.


The Award will be presented to an individual who has demonstrated the following qualities:

  • An RN committed to Emergency Nursing
  • A commitment to the growth and development of the Greater Twin Cities Chapter of the Emergency Nurses Association.
  • Professionalism
  • Leadership

Annual Cornerstones in Emergency Nursing Conference

     A committee will work to hold a conference which provides updated and evidence based information pertaining to the assessment and care of emergency patient each year. Members will work to make this conference cost effective, yet affordable to nurses throughout the state, and return profits back to the Chapter. An itemized list of projected/actual costs and revenue will be provided to the Chapter treasurer to allow payment of invoices and submission of Chapter finances to the MSC treasurer. The Chair of the Cornerstones In Emergency Nursing Conference Committee may sign contracts related to this conference.